About Us

Oakdale Montessori is a privately owned Montessori School group. The Oakdale Campus, in the heart of Oakdale Bellville opened in 2012 and started with a Pre school. Over the years, due to parent demand, we decided to grow our school in 2018 to accommodate a lower elementary class and to grow this organically to accommodate learners up till Grade 7 in 2024. The Elementary phase is not designed to accommodate children with learning barriers (Although it can) but for children who will benefit from an environment that is small, flexible and is suitable for children to work at their own pace with one on one interaction with the educators and other children. 

With Montessori classes being vertically aged, we currently have a toddler class (age 1 year to 3 years) 3 to 6 year classes and Elementary classes, split between lower Elementary and Upper Elementary till Grade 7. From Grade 4 to Grade 7 we use Montessori aligned to an International Curriculum hosted by GenEx Cambridge.

The Sunningdale Campus has been in the planning stages since 2020 and has now come to fruition. The Sunningdale Campus will follow the same structure as the Bellville Campus and will grow organically over the next couple of years.

We offer a complete range of equipment from the best Montessori material makers in the world: Nienhuis, Montessori Outlet, Children’s House, Flashcard Junction and Eureka Learning Systems.
Our Activity Areas are filled with Interactive materials and equipment. All furnishings have been designed with the Montessori philosophy of an aesthetically pleasing and activity orientated Prepared Environment in mind.

The Montessori classroom provides a prepared environment where children develop naturally in their own way and at their own pace.
The prepared environment is characterised by order, simplicity and beauty which meet the needs of the child. The focus of the prepared environment is on fostering basic trust in the child. The children learn concentration, order, sequence, and skills adapted to their culture with practical life.
The exercise of practical life is fundamental for the child’s development because it supports the tendencies and needs of young children. The child learns practical life activities, and gets a feeling of dignity, accomplishment, and self confidence.